Cantrell•Gainco Portion Cutters, powered by Borncut

Cut-Up, Portioning & Segmenting Equipment

Precise cuts and exact weights ⎼ each and every time

Cantrell•Gainco Portion Cutters, powered by Borncut, provide precision cutting of poultry, meat and seafood products like chicken breasts, pork loin chops and salmon steaks. They’re the ultimate high-speed cutting machine for producing precise, fixed-weight portions while optimizing yield and minimizing product giveaway.

Benefits & Features

The advanced technology that’s built in to each of our portion cutters delivers unsurpassed performance and value:

  • Minimum cutting loss coupled with maximum product control
  • High-speed operations
  • Flexible cutting angles ensure consistent weights and shapes
  • User-friendly GUI touchscreen
  • Hygienic design means easy cleanability
  • Space-saving design, including single- and dual-lane processing
  • Rugged construction that’s really built to last
  • Rapid ROI on your equipment installation

Choose the best portion cutter for your product processing requirements:

  • Model 225 series, operating at speeds up to 4,340 cuts per minute – ideal for fresh items like boneless breasts and salmon
  • Model 300 series, operating at speeds up to 1,500 cuts per minute – perfect for shaped products like whole round beef and pork muscle meats

Scanning Technology

Thanks to Borncut’s unique equipment design which incorporates a high-resolution 250 Hz camera, advanced servo-technology, a precise laser system plus advanced software for calculating the product density and converting the product data to cutting specs, the portion cutter is capable of handling its tasks with unprecedented speed and precision.

Software is programmed to portion poultry, meat and fish items in the most optimum way. Once the product has been scanned, the computer instantly calculates how to cut the product and the machine proceeds to portion the pieces – all of which remain precisely within the specifications set by the processor.

The Borncut portion cutter features a large user-friendly multi-touch screen that helps guide the operator through the portioning steps. The system also includes a simulation function, which – based on previous historical production data – can assist the operator in setting up the optimum cutting pattern.

Success You Can Measure

Cantrell•Gainco, your dependable ally in increasing product yields, quality and safety

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