The Eliminator GrinderTM

Foreign Material Inspection Equipment

Remove foreign material from your product with our revolutionary cutting system.

When it comes to the challenges of meat grinding, the Eliminator Grinder™ from ProSpection Solutions is the ideal solution. One piece of equipment does it all, handling fresh boneless and bone-in products equally effectively.

Benefits & Features

What’s makes the Eliminator Grinder different? Our grinder removes a whole range of unwanted objects during the grinding process, including:

  • Foreign objects
  • Hard and soft plastics
  • Tendons and ligaments
  • Blood clots
  • Bones

In a single process, you achieve the consistent high-quality that your customers demand and expect. 

Remove unwanted objects right during the grinding process.

System Advantages

  • IP69K design and construction is built to last – with no knives or discs that require daily sharpening, either.
  • Customizable parameters deliver the precise quality standards you require.
  • Our system integrates easily with other equipment on your processing line.
  • Remote, live-viewing monitoring capability is available, along with real-time statistical reporting.
  • Washdown and reassembly is completed in under 30 minutes!

Success You Can Measure

Cantrell•Gainco, your dependable ally in increasing product yields, quality and safety

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