Low Density Foreign Material Inspection Systems

Foreign Material Inspection Equipment

Detect and remove low-density foreign material – accurately and automatically!

The robust, field-proven ProSpection system detects and removes low-density foreign matter like hard and soft plastics, paper and fabric including blue gloves, combo liners, plastic/polymer belting, black slip sheets and O-rings, hair nets and beard nets, ear plugs and labels.

Benefits & Features

Inspect raw, frozen and cooked product via simultaneous top and bottom inspection – rapidly and super-accurately!

  • Easy-to-use HMI (human-machine interface).
  • Programmable reject parameters can be set to your requirements.
  • Remote, live-viewing monitoring capability is available, along with real-time statistical reporting.
  • IP69K washdown-tough design and construction, including HD camera pods, is built to last.
  • Seamless positive-drive belting features tool-less removal – easy to prepare for sanitation.
  • Magnetic-driven motors contain no external bearings – hence no oil leakage.

The ProSpection FMI has a small footprint, just 10 feet in length. And with an ROI measured in just weeks, these labor-saving systems are ideal for every part of your operation -- from raw to further-processed products.

System Advantages

Foreign material inspection systems are the new standard in low-density inspection capabilities, thanks to proprietary technology from ProSpection Solutions:

  • The system scans meat on both sides simultaneously, at a rate of 90,000 lines per second in high-definition color.
  • Colors that are different from the color of the meat are detected as a “fail.”
  • The system highlights any defects in red, which are flagged by the system for QC review.
  • Some contrasting colors such as blue can be detected in objects as small as 1.5 mm square.

The ProSpection system has a footprint of just 10 ft. in length. With three belt widths available, choose the model best-suited to your volume inspection requirements:

  • 10,000 lbs./hour
  • 20,000 lbs./hour
  • 40,000 lbs./hour

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