Seal and Label Inspection Systems for Rollstock Packaging

Foreign Material Inspection Equipment

Upgrade any rollstock machine with enhanced, effective seal and label inspection capabilities.

When it comes to the challenges of seal and label inspection, the Rollstock Inspection System from ProSpection Solutions is your ideal solution. Our system does it all, providing critical inspection capabilities such as seal integrity, label and expiration date information, top and bottom label matching, plus bar code recognition.

Benefits & Features

With the rollstock inspection system from ProSpection Solutions, you’ll achieve significant real-time improvements in your processing activities, including managing statistics at the machine, or remotely enabling predictive analytics.

Our rollstock inspection systems detect even the smallest seal imperfections, helping to endure the quality of your finished product.

Inspect seal integrity … minimize contamination risk.

System Advantages

The key to successful performance is in ProSpection’s proprietary software which enables inspection based on four attributes including color, size, shape and location.

  • Customizable parameters deliver the precise quality standards you require.
  • Our system integrates easily with other equipment on your processing line.
  • Remote, live-viewing monitoring capability is available, along with real-time statistical reporting.
  • IP69K washdown-tough design and construction is built to last.

Success You Can Measure

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